Virtual Parachute Training System (VPTS)

The award winning* Virtual Parachute Training System (VPTS) is an immersive training system capable of supporting initial canopy control training and malfunction recognition through to mission planning and rehearsal.

Key features include:
Mission planning and rehearsal
Pre-set scenarios
Pre-Jump parachutists brief from exiting the aircraft to landing on DZ
Selectable Parachute Types, Weather Conditions & Time of Day
NVG mode to allow mission rehearsals at night
Selectable Wind Speed, Virtual Environment & customisable Geospecific Terrain databases
Integrated communications between students and instructor
Intuitive, easy to use modern User Interface (UI)
Assessment module to check student competency and After-Action replay
Scalable system – up to 24 jump stations
Character customization allowing end user to setup jumpers
Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) gaming engine allowing rapid integration of new VR hardware


 * Pennant won best Visual Simulation (VIZSIM) at the 2015 Unity awards.

View the VPTS Overview Brochure