Pennant can truly claim a significant and influential presence in the transport industry; providing a comprehensive range of support services to all sectors.

Pennant is recognized as a major supplier of both traditional and electronic operation, maintenance, parts and training products across the rail, aviation, marine and road sectors.

Technical Documentation

Pennant is recognized as a key supplier of high quality technical publications and training solutions to all sectors of the worldwide transport industry, having provided our consultancy and production services to a large number of prestigious UK and international transportation projects... Read More


Increasingly, providers of major capital equipment in the transport sector are seeking to procure training services and Operation & Maintenance publications as a bundle, from a single source, in the interests of economic efficiency and technical parity... Read More

CBT, CAI, & E-Learning

Privatisation of the UK rail industry and public road transport, along with the implementation of tram networks in many UK and cities worldwide, created an explosion of investment and with it a huge leap in the complexity of technology and operational strategies – bringing them more into line with the way the aviation industry operates... Read More

Media Services

The key transport industries: rail, road, aviation and marine, have the need to communicate both internally and externally, with staff and with the public... Read More

Emulation & Simulation

Emulations and simulations provide a high quality and very cost-effective alternative to training on the real systems and with real equipment... Read More

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