More and more customers, particularly in the defence sector, are looking to procure solutions that incorporate through life support. During design of any training equipment that Pennant develops, the support of that equipment is a major consideration.

Pennant as a proven track record in providing and supporting a wide range of technology based training solutions for the UK's armed services and the forces of overseas governments. Pennant has a dedicated support organisation with on-going support contracts for its own excessive installed base and third training systems.

The levels of support that Pennant can offer range from On-Call Support, Contractor Logistic Support, through to Full Contractor Support onto Service Provision Contract where Pennant have total responsibility for Obsolescence, spares and Modifications.

For Pennant, through life support is just one element of its Support capability as it believes support starts right from the bid phase on the larger programmes in the form of personnel and expertise embedded into the clients bid teams. Once a product is delivered, Pennant will offer facilitated training and supporting documentation as part of a complete solution.

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