Public Sector

Pennant has partnered many public sector agencies, specifically in the development of learning tools and pedagogic strategies.

Pennant has enthusiastically supported the public sector's adoption of e-technology for both instructor-led and distance learning courseware. The relationship has proved mutually fruitful and both partners look forward to continued collaboration.

Software Development

Pennant’s decision to build a software development team was a natural consequence of our experience in the design, build and delivery of a large number of digital learning products for the public sector. Our creativity simply outgrew the tools currently available... Read More

CBT, CAI, & E-Learning

The public sector is facing massive challenges in the form of a dramatic reduction in financing, far-reaching overhaul of already complex benefit and tax systems and a real-term decrease in operational personnel and available estate. All of these efficiency-driven changes are to be achieved whilst maintaining the mandated quality of front-line services... Read More

Technical Documentation

The term "technical publications" includes everything from traditional hard copy operation and maintenance manuals, user handbooks and parts catalogues through to Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals... Read More

Emulation & Simulation

Government departments, particularly the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) maintain large databases, containing millions of personal records, and their staff have to operate a range of legacy computer systems in order to access historical data... Read More

Media Services

"Media services" covers everything from a simple Health and Safety poster in the staff canteen to a fully animated digital model of new benefit proposals at a televised briefing... Read More

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