Documentation & Media Services

In the wake of the digital revolution, technical documentation and media design have potential to be far more complex, specialized and sophisticated, offering the user far more flexibility. The sector includes anything from a simple poster to an online, interactive Operation and Maintenance Manual, including 3D models and virtual reality. Increasingly, public and private enterprises are turning to external specialist suppliers for media and documentation services.

Clearly, the process of researching and creating operation and maintenance publications covering what is, invariably, highly complex engineering equipment provides the Pennant team with in-depth knowledge of not only the equipment but the documentation suite which supports it. This knowledge and experience can be used very effectively in the creation of training courseware to be delivered by a team of training specialist associates.

Accordingly, providers of major capital equipment are seeking to procure Operation & Maintenance publications and training services as a bundle, from a single source, in the interests of economic efficiency and technical parity. Pennant has been at the forefront of this approach to technical support.

Our media designers and writing team work collaboratively and proactively with the client team and, after an initial brief, produce imaginative and engaging products which deliver information efficiently and effectively in compliance with all international standards.

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