Synthetic Environment Cargo Compartment Trainer (SECCT)

The Synthetic Environment Cargo Compartment Trainer (SECCT) allows a student to be trained for in-flight cargo maintenance of various different cargos, including toxic substance, large crates, vehicles, personal and general equipment.

Instructors will trigger events to happen while in simulated flight. The students are instructed to monitor and catalogue errors, their explanation of the error and fix will allow an instructor to either fix the error, or escalate it if warranted.

The system finally logs out a report of the student’s training exercise, noting when faults occurred and the student’s explanation and response to errors.

Key Features

  • Two different cargo planes (C17 & C130)
  • 5 different LoadEx’s per aircraft
  • Up to 10 Faults per LoadEx with standard and escalation faults
  • In application training log of students actions and reactions to faults.
  • Realistic student control via input controller

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