Generic Hand Skill Trainer (Genskill)

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Genskill is a part task trainer providing experience through practical exercises for hand skills necessary to work on aircraft components in confined spaces accessed through panels on a replicated aircraft fuselage.

The access panels are secured with a variety of different types of aircraft fasteners – quick release cam lock, toggle, torque, dzus, security bolts.


The internal components are typical of aircraft and include:

  • Control system – control rods, pivot blocks, pivot arm, torque tube
  • Hydraulic components – PFCU, rigid pipes, flexible pipes, manifold valves
  • Avionic LRI – cable, connectors, mounting tray.

The replicated components are made of steel so that they are robust for rigorous and extensive use during continuous disassembly and assembly tasks. The components, mountings and associated bolts are fitted and locked using various procedures in accordance with UK Aircraft Mechanical Locking Standards and Practices, for complete realism.

The students perform practical maintenance tasks, through the access panels, using standard hand tools, including torque loading, wire locking, lubrication, fault finding, removal and refit of components, and use of multimeter test equipment. On task completion the instructor/supervisor can open the hinged, shell top to inspect and debrief the student on their resultant standard of work.

An electrical loom can be added to the Genskill to help a student to develop aircraft husbandry skills as well as their competencies in maintaining electrical looms within an aircraft. The looms can have a number of faults such as such trapped and/or frayed cabling. On identifying the fault, the student can make up a replacement cable to further expand the practical task.