Generic Flying Controls Trainer (GenFly)

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Genfly is a unique flying controls training system that provides a safe and effective environment to train mechanics and technicians on a complete range of hands-on maintenance activities for aircraft hydraulics, flying controls, landing gear and services. It covers different types of aircraft control systems from rod and bellcrank to Fly-by-wire and Active Control technologies.

The instructor can assign hands-on practical work to individual students or to task whole student teams. The students perform practical maintenance tasks using aircraft manuals, and standard tools and test equipment. Simulated faults injected from the instructor workstation allow failure mode recognition, fault diagnosis and rectification by component change.


GenFly comprises a facsimile airframe, consisting of a robust open frame aircraft structure, a representative cockpit fitted with controls and indicators. The layout is similar to a generic modern fast-jet aircraft. The open sides allow access and viewing of the primary and secondary flying control systems, landing gear systems and auxiliary systems, including nose-wheel steering and wheel braking.

Hydraulic control surfaces and landing gear systems are activated by electro-mechanical devices under the control of emulation software. Each connection of the hydraulic and electrical system is monitored allowing the system to emulate the effect of a correct or incorrect connection / disconnection and to enable the Instructor to fully monitor a student’s progress.

The Instructor Workstation provides overall control of the operable features of GenFly and enables the instructor to initialise a training session, to dynamically control fault status of systems, to monitor training in progress and to record progress during training sessions.