Pennant Group companies continue to enjoy strong alliances with many areas of the private sector, recognising the sector's motive force in technological developments.

Pennant long ago embraced the principle that a company that stands still is actually moving backwards! The Company has always actively sought to work alongside private sector organizations that are pushing technological boundaries.

Technical Documentation

Domestic legislation, European Directives, safety requirements, user demand, and the ever increasing complexity of modern machinery, equipment and systems have combined to greatly increase pressure on manufacturers to provide accurate, comprehensive and intelligent support documentation... Read More

Emulation & Simulation

The use of simulated and emulated equipment, processes and systems training delivers a number of benefits... Read More

CBT, CAI, & E-Learning

With the reducing costs of incorporating Computer Based Training (CBT), Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and e-learning within the syllabus of personnel training and development and, therefore the potential for real term increases in ROI, more and more private enterprises are commissioning online courseware... Read More

Media Services

The private sector, from corner shops to the world's industrial giants, has the need to communicate with potential customers through a huge range of media... Read More

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